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Everything you need to know to make an impact at your next conference.

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VRIFY presentations including powerful interactive content provide an elevated audience experience compared to a standard powerpoint. How do you present with VRIFY? Plug your iPad in at the podium and knock it out of the park. It’s that easy.

The outcomes you can expect: Your interactive 3D and 360 content is going to break up the monotony of back-to-back PowerPoint presentations and make a lasting impression on the investor audience. If you're participating at an exhibition-style event, standout from the crowd and draw traffic to your booth by displaying stunning interactive content.

VRIFY has you covered for all aspects of your conference:

We've all been presenting with powerpoint and observe an audience member checking their phone or staring out the window. Even worse, flipping through a pad of paper to read the content 12 pages ahead of the point you're presenting on. Participants will focus on the synchronized, interactive content in front of them, and ensure they follow the story of the asset and absorb the information.

Not only do interactive high-res 3D and 360° visuals deliver a more memorable meeting experience for investors, but by allowing them to interpret complex technical data and results in way less time, your audience should leave with a more accurate understanding of why your story is one worth investing in. That’s what secures buy-in.

But again, don’t just take it from us. Here’s a sampling of what they’re saying after experiencing a VRIFY Meeting first-hand:

“This type of information leads to success. I’m in.”

“Brilliant… the ease for the viewer to contextualize the data sets in space is a game changer for both the technical reader and the layman.”

Getting Started

Who is this guide for? Anyone from your team who represents your company on-the-ground at conferences. This includes your CEO presenting on stage, your Investor Relations team conducting back-to-back meetings and the support team manning the booth.

Read on for everything you need to know to make an impact at your next conference. Impress the audience from the stage, turn heads on the exhibition floor and convert more leads to investors.

Step 1: Make sure your 3D content is up to date

First things first, make sure your company’s 3D model(s) are up to date so you’re able to hone in on the latest progress and results.

If you need to request a 3D update, reach out to your Customer Success Manager and we’ll get the process started! If you can, allow for 5 business days from receipt of files for a minor update, or 10 business days for more comprehensive updates (access our guidelines here). Ask about our unlimited 3D update subscription plan options if your’e not on one already.

Step 2: Build or update your interactive presentation deck into one that resonates

You can hit the ground running at the conference with one deck to suit all needs, but can also tailor different decks to suit different formats.

We recommend creating multiple decks based on your use case at the conference:

  1. Presentation deck - A concise deck that fits within your presentation timeframe and incorporates your most powerful interactive slides with a few key PDFs.

  2. Booth deck - An interactive-only deck that grabs the attention of passerby with impactful 3D and 360 content.

  3. Investor meeting deck - A more comprehensive version of your presentation deck to accommodate any question from investors.

Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager who can partner with you to ensure you have decks that stand out from every angle.

Only have a long deck with many slides but limited time for your speaking slot? No problem. The VRIFY app is equipped with Presenter Mode. This enables the presenter to tailor a shorter presentation by navigating through slides in the left hand menu, while the audience only sees a seamless presentation that flows between 2D deck slides, immersive 3D and 360° visuals. Use 2D slides to outline your management team, financials, etc., and fully interactive visuals to present asset-specific information that just 2D won’t do justice.

Step 3: Run a knockout presentation

In advance: For on-stage presentations, connect your Customer Success Manager with the conference organizers a couple of weeks in advance. The AV requirements from the conference are very straightforward, but the tech team will need a heads up. Let your CSM handle this so all you have to do is step on stage and plug in your iPad.

What the conference needs to provide: An HDMI cord at the podium that connects to the audience-facing presentation screen.

What you need:

  • An iPad. See here for our purchasing recommendations.

  • An iPad-to-HDMI dongle. Check which iPad model you have to confirm which dongle you need. You will either need the USB-C or lightning dongle depending on your iPad model.

  • An apple pen is a nice-to-have as it enables easier annotation and manipulation of the model.

What’s Next:

  • The night before:

    • Ensure your iPad iOS and VRIFY app are up-to-date.

    • Download your deck on your iPad.

    • In the Control Centre, lock all iPad screens in landscape and lower the brightness on the host iPad to conserve battery (swipe down from the upper right corner of any screen on an iOS device to access Control Centre)

    • Under Settings > Display & Brightness, make sure Auto-Lock is set is set to ‘Never’ to prevent devices from going to sleep during a presentation

  • At the time of your presentation:

    • Connect the dongle to your iPad.

    • At the podium, plug the HDMI cable into the iPad.

    • If your deck is open on your iPad it should appear on the screen behind you in a matter of seconds. If the VRIFY app is open but not your deck, then the VRIFY logo will appear on the screen behind you until you open the deck.

    • Once your deck appears on the screen, you’re good to go.

VRIFY’s tips and best practices:

  • Annotate! If you’re using an iPad and have an apple pencil, all the better. Either way, annotations are a great way to focus the investor’s attention on the point you’re trying to make.

  • Interact with and manipulate the content to give the audience different angles. When viewing the 3D resource model, the side view-to-plan view is super telling for certain deposits. But also, don’t overdo it! If the model is spinning around too much the audience doesn’t get a chance to absorb what they’re seeing.

Step 4: Have a booth? Let’s make it pop.

In a busy exhibition setting, there are dozens or hundreds of booths competing for attention.

With an iPad and a TV screen or projector, you can display a looping video of your 3D and 360 content. The loop can be stopped anytime by touching your iPad screen, allowing you to pause to answer questions and offer your booth visitors a tailored walkthrough of your deck.

Want to really impress? You’ll need:

  • A white screen and a compact, portable projector.

  • An iPad floor stand. We recommend this.

  • Three iPads - one connected to the projector, one attached to the floor stand for investors to view the deck up close, and a third iPad to control the deck as the host.

  • An HDMI cable to connect the projector with your iPad.

  • An iPad-to-HDMI dongle. Check which iPad model you have to confirm which dongle you need.

At a minimum, you’ll need:

  • A TV monitor to display your VRIFY deck on. Get in touch with the exhibition organizers or bring your own.

  • An iPad. See here for our purchasing recommendations.

  • An HDMI cable to connect the monitor with your iPad.

  • An iPad-to-HDMI dongle. Check which iPad model you have to confirm which dongle you need.

Once your iPad is connected to your projector or TV monitor, simply open the deck and click the play button in the bottom right corner of the screen. This will advance the slide automatically every 5 seconds, enhancing your booth with an eye catching visual tour of your project.

Step 5: Run standout 1-1 meetings with VRIFY

For in-person meetings, handing out iPads to investors with interactive 3D and 360° content over a paper deck offers a premium, unparalleled face-to-face meeting experience.

What you need:

  • iPads. We recommend at least 2 or 3 iPads and an apple pen for the meeting host. If you don’t already have ​​them, access our guide for what to purchase or reach out to your Customer Success Manager to help guide you through the process.

First time hosting? Once you’ve run your first meeting, rest assured it’s all very intuitive, but feel free to access our step-by-step instructions for everything you need to know from start to finish.

VRIFY’s tips and best practices:

  • Annotate! If you’re using an iPad and have an apple pencil, all the better. Either way, annotations are a great way to focus the investor’s attention on the point you’re trying to make.

  • Keep the conversation going after your meeting. Share your investor Deck with investors after your meeting with direct Q&A and captions enabled. This allows them to review on their own time, digest more information, and keep the conversation going with additional questions and clarification about your pitch.

Reference our tried and tested tips for setting up your iPads in a way that ensures the best meeting experience for both your team and investors.

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