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Making an impact at conferences with VRIFY
Setting up your iPads for 1:1 meetings and presentations
Setting up your iPads for 1:1 meetings and presentations

Tips and tricks for leveraging VRIFY in your investor meetings and presentations

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If you'll be using iPads for your in-person investor meetings and presentations, reference these tried and tested tips and tricks to guarantee the best meeting experience for both your team and investors.

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Purchase data plans for your iPads and bring portable chargers

  • For back-to-back meetings where you may not have access to wall plug-ins to charge devices, purchase a portable charger (like this one) to ensure you can keep all your iPads fully charged throughout the day.

  • Purchase a data plan for your iPads to avoid the stress of unreliable WiFi where your meetings are taking place.

Prep your iPads

  • Ensure the VRIFY app is updated to the latest version (if there's an update available you'll see an 'Update' button in the App Store)

  • Ensure your iPad iOS is updated to the latest version

  • In the Control Centre, lock all iPad screens in landscape and lower the brightness on the host iPad to conserve battery (swipe down from the upper right corner of any screen on an iOS device to access Control Centre)

  • Under Settings > Display & Brightness, make sure Auto-Lock is set is set to ‘Never’ to prevent devices from going to sleep during a presentation

For 1:1 meetings:

For presentations:

  • Download your VRIFY Deck in the VRIFY app to ensure smooth transitions (note: this is especially important if you do not have data and are relying on WiFi).

  • Click through your VRIFY Deck slides once before you're ready to present to ensure your 3D model and/or 360 degree slides are pre-loaded.

  • Simply plug your iPad into an HDMI cable using an iPad compatible adaptor, like this one, in order to project your iPad screen for the audience.

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