Purchasing iPads for VRIFY Meetings

We recommend investing in 2-3 iPads to offer investors an unparalleled face-to-face meeting experience.

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If you're using VRIFY to pitch investors, investing in a set of iPads for your team is worthwhile since they offer the best in-person meeting experience; hands-down. Here's why the upfront investment iPads makes all the difference.

Guidance on what to purchase

How many?

Minimum 2 (one for the meeting host, and one for meeting participants), but for larger meetings, having 3 or more iPads will mean participants have their own device to follow along on.

What kind of iPad?

Apple’s latest iPad Pro is recommended to ensure adequate battery life and processing power for back-to-back meetings. Minimum storage option (128 GB) is more than enough for VRIFY.

Grab an Apple Pencil

Using an Apple pencil will help ensure cleaner, more accurate annotations on your VRIFY content during meetings and presentations. You'll just need one for the meeting host/presenter. Ensure the Apple pencil you buy is compatible with your device (newer iPad models will need a 2nd generation pencil).

Cellular data!

While optional we always recommend that clients purchase iPads with cellular data so that they aren’t 100% reliant WiFi connectivity, which can be iffy depending on where your meetings are taking place.

Why are iPads necessary for meetings with VRIFY?

While not absolutely necessary (you can always share between laptops), the benefits of having iPads are three-fold:

  1. Simply put, handing out iPads to investors with 3D and 360 degree content over a paper pitch deck blows people away. We hear it all the time from clients and in our own sales demos. It’s a game-changer for investors who have been seeing the same paper pitch decks for decades, and will really differentiate your company from the crowd.

  2. iPads will save you $$$ on printing costs and mitigate the stress of re-printing pitch decks to accommodate inevitable last minute changes.

  3. All devices are synced to the host, meaning you control what the investor sees at all times, preventing page-flippers getting ahead of themselves and losing focus amidst back-to-back meeting conference settings, for example.

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