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Using meeting annotations in VRIFY Meetings
Using meeting annotations in VRIFY Meetings

Learn how to annotate meetings to help guide your viewers through your presentations.

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Annotations allow you to visually highlight out areas of your slides by drawing on your screen while presenting your VRIFY Decks. Meeting annotations can be used during in-person meetings, remote meetings, preview mode, and in recordings.

Follow the steps below to learn how to easily add and remove annotations on any of your slides while presenting your VRIFY Decks.

Step-by-step Instructions

When presenting a deck in a meeting, recording, or while previewing in the Deck edit mode, you will be able to use the annotation tool to annotate over any of the slides in your VRIFY Decks.

To annotate

  1. While presenting any of your VRIFY Decks, click the annotation icon on the bottom right of your screen.

    1. The annotation icon appears as a pencil and will appear on the bottom left of the screen while presenting:

  2. Click any of the 5 color options that are in the annotation menu:

  3. Now, click and draw anywhere on your slide to annotate.

  4. Here is an example of red, black, and yellow annotations on a 360 Slide:

Note: viewers do not see the annotation tools; they only see the markup you draw while presenting:

To remove or undo annotations

  1. To remove all annotations from your slide, click the trash can icon:

  2. To undo your latest annotation(s), click the back arrow icon:

To stop annotating

  1. Click the annotation icon to collapse the annotation menu.

  2. Done, you are no longer annotating.

Notes/Best Practices

  • To ensure your viewers can easily see your annotations, choose a high contrasting color for your annotations.

    • For example, if you have a dark slide, use a lighter annotation color so the contrast between the slide and annotation.

    • Another example is if your slide contains dark blue imagery, do not use blue to annotate as this will be difficult for your viewers to follow. Instead, choose a color that will be easily seen on blue, such as yellow or white.

  • You can practice using the annotation feature while previewing any of your decks. When editing a deck, click Preview on the top right of your screen. From there, the annotation tool will appear and you can annotate on any of your slides.

    • In preview mode, the annotation icon will appear on the bottom right of your screen (rather than the bottom left of the screen like in other presentation modes).

  • Navigating to a different slide will automatically remove any annotations you drew on the previous slide.

  • Annotations will remain in place when drawn on a 360 Slide, allowing you to continue navigating around your 360° imagery without the annotations disappearing.

  • Annotations will be automatically removed from 3D Slides once you change the orientation of the 3D Model, such as zooming in/out or rotating the 3D Model.

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