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Making an impact at conferences with VRIFY
Facilitating VRIFY Presentations at Your Event
Facilitating VRIFY Presentations at Your Event

Guidance for presenting companies and event organizers.

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VRIFY Decks combine interactive 3D models and 360 drone images along with corporate PDFs to provide investors with a powerful visual experience in understanding a mining company’s story.

A presentation hosted with VRIFY content is simple to set up and far more more engaging than your standard 2D PDF / powerpoint presentation slides. The information below is intended to help companies and event organizers understand the options for hosting VRIFY decks that leave an impact with investor audiences.

There are three options for presenting with VRIFY at an in-person event.

Option 1: Wireless connection using VRIFY Meetings (requires a strong WIFI connection)

How it works: Presenters can present their VRIFY Deck wirelessly by having the AV Desk join a VRIFY Meeting from a web browser. This option requires a reliable WIFI connection. The presenter will start a VRIFY Meeting (without A/V) from their device and share the meeting code with the AV desk (instructions for the presenter here). They can annotate on their deck and manipulate interactive content to deliver the most engaging experience for the audience.

What's required from your team:

  • On the day of the event, visit on the laptop that is projecting the decks on stage.

  • Prior to beginning their presentation, the VRIFY presenter will supply the AV Desk with a five digit meeting code, which is entered in the space provided on this webpage.

  • Once the meeting code is entered, the AV team just needs to provide a name in the pop up window and click Continue as Guest - no sign in or account is required.

  • The VRIFY presenter can now wirelessly control the deck from the device they are using on the stage.

What the presenter sees on their device:

What the audience sees (i.e. what will appear on the AV desk laptop, projected to the screen on stage):

Option 2: Deck run from the AV desk with remote provided to speaker

NOTE: This option limits the speakers ability to manipulate the interactive content and annotate on their iPad/laptop screen.

How it works: Any VRIFY deck can be controlled by a remote that the speaker holds on stage (just like you would with a PowerPoint). In this scenario, the VRIFY Deck is opened on a computer positioned at the AV desk, which must be reliably connected to the internet.

What's required from your team:

  • On the computer at the AV desk, open a web browser (we recommend Chrome).

  • Visit the VRIFY Deck's URL. The speaker can supply a direct link. If the deck is public, it can also be found by searching for the company's name and deck on

  • Click on the deck, and then enter the browser's full screen view.

  • A remote synced with the computer can now click forward and backward through the slides.

Option 3: HDMI connection to the presenter's device

How it works: VRIFY presenters present their deck using either a laptop or iPad plugged in at the podium/stage. They can annotate on their deck and manipulate interactive content to deliver the most engaging experience for the audience.

A hardwire connection compatible with these devices supplied at the podium is the easiest and most reliable option to facilitate VRIFY decks. VRIFY presenters simply plug their device in and start their presentation, which can then be projected onto the screen behind them.

What's required from your team: An HDMI cable supplied at the podium with an adaptor compatible with iPads. Adaptors on hand for presenters using laptops (Mac or PC) is also desired.

Example of the audience view of a VRIFY deck:

Questions? Please contact:

Sarena Strong

Customer Success Operations Manager


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