In-Person VRIFY Meetings

Leverage VRIFY’s In-Person Meetings, which allows you to cast your VRIFY decks across multiple iPads.

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VRIFY’s In-Person Meeting feature allows you to transform the way you present your VRIFY content by allowing your VRIFY Decks to be cast across multiple iPads within the same room.

By handing out iPads to investors with your VRIFY interactive content rather than a paper PDF, you offer a premium, unparalleled face-to-face meeting experience that will be sure to make an impression.

One of the greatest benefits of leveraging VRIFY’s In-Person Meeting feature is you can still host a meeting with little or no access to a stable internet connection. Meaning if you are on-site at a remote location or at a conference with unstable internet, you can still have meeting participants follow along with your presentation on a secondary iPad without needing to be connected to the internet.

If you do not have access to a reliable internet connection but still want to use In-Person Meetings, it will require some preparation work while you still have internet access. Steps for both preparation and connecting iPads are listed below.

If you have access to a reliable internet connection, you can start a meeting the same way you always have, from the meetings tab. See Meeting With a Reliable Internet Connection.

Technical Requirements

Step-by-step Instructions

Meeting Without a Reliable Internet Connection


While still connected to a reliable internet connection, follow the steps below in preparation for leveraging In-Person Meetings that will occur with little or no internet connection:

  1. Ensure all iPads have a passcode enabled, as this is used by the VRIFY app to help protect your private and secure content when handing your iPads over to investors.

    • If you do not have a passcode set up on your iPad, you will need to re-authenticate your VRIFY login to exit the meeting.

  2. Ensure you have the latest version of the VRIFY app downloaded on your iPads. For details on how to check for updates, check out this article.

  3. Log in to the VRIFY App using your VRIFY credentials on the iPad you will be presenting from. From the homepage of the VRIFY app, click Download on any decks you would like to present.

  4. The deck(s) you will be presenting will be sent to all Participants without downloading them directly to the Participant's iPads.

    1. Note: For the best and fastest experience for your Participants, download the decks to the iPads the participants will be using in advance.

Connecting iPads

Please follow the steps below to connect iPads for an in-person meeting:

  1. Log in to the VRIFY app on your primary iPad.

  2. Locate your previously downloaded Deck and select Present.

  3. Select In-Person Meeting.

  4. Ensure your Wi-Fi is turned on but not connected to any networks.

    • While you do not need a Wi-Fi connection to use this feature, your Wi-Fi still needs to be enabled for your iPads to be able to discover and connect to one another:

    1. If this is your first time downloading the VRIFY app, enabling Wi-Fi will result in an Apple notification appearing. On the notification, tap OK:

      • If you select Don’t Allow, you will need to go into your iPad settings and grant "Local Network" permission to the VRIFY app.

        • To turn on Local Network, head to your iPad Settings > Privacy & Security > Local Network > Scroll down to VRIFY > Toggle on (shows green) beside “Local Network”.

  5. A Participants window will appear, showing nearby iPads.

    • Connect nearby iPads by opening the VRIFY app on your secondary iPads.

  6. On your secondary iPads, select Guest Mode, located at the top of the app's homepage.

    1. Note: Guest Mode is only required if you have logged in to the VRIFY App on the secondary iPads. If you are not logged in to the VRIFY App on the secondary iPads, skip to step 9.

  7. The Guest Mode window will then appear, letting you know you are entering guest mode. Tap Got it to continue.

  8. Then move back to your Primary iPad, and you will now be able to see your secondary iPads appear under nearby iPads.

  9. On your Primary iPad click add on all secondary iPads to connect them to your In-Person Meeting.

  10. Once connected, your primary iPad will now control the presentation.

    • Any slide transitions or annotations made on your primary iPad will also be reflected on your secondary iPads.

Meeting With a Reliable Internet Connection

  1. On your Primary device, launch the VRIFY App and log in to your account.

    • If you are connecting your secondary iPads, log out of your VRIFY account.

  2. Tap on the Meetings tab at the bottom of the homepage.

  3. Select Start a Meeting Now and you will be taken into the meeting lobby, where you'll see a session share code and the option to start the meeting:

  4. Share the Live Share Info with participants and/or connect your additional iPads. Meeting codes can be entered in the following locations:

    • (this path can also be accessed at by clicking on the Meetings tab in the top navigation bar).

    • the Meetings tab at the bottom of the VRIFY mobile app (only available on iPhone or iPad):

  5. Once all Secondary iPads have joined, Select the Deck you want to present

  6. Select Start Live Share to start the meeting.

    • Only the host can see the Deck navigation bar and the annotation tool selector when you are presenting.

Notes/Best Practices

  • Enable Guided Access on your iPad to temporarily limit your iPad to show only your VRIFY content so users cannot access other areas of your iPad while you are presenting an In-Person Meeting.

  • Any VRIFY Decks you wish to present using VRIFY’s In-Person Meetings do not need to be downloaded to the Participant's iPads prior to a meeting, but for unreliable internet connections it is recommended to download the decks on all iPads ahead of time to ensure the best and fastest experience for your Participants.

  • VRIFY’s In-Person Meetings allows you to connect up to 8 iPads.

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