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Making an impact at conferences with VRIFY
Virtual investor meetings and presentations
Virtual investor meetings and presentations

Presenting your VRIFY Deck remotely.

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Investor Meetings and Presentations at Virtual Conferences

NOTE: The below instructions are general advice and tips. Please introduce your Customer Success Manager to your conference contact and they would be happy to confirm technical set-up requirements on your behalf prior to the event.

Virtual conferences may have a preferred presentation software for participant use. In this case, there are two options for sharing your VRIFY Deck.

1) Share a VRIFY Meetings link without A/V (preferred)

Why using VRIFY Meetings to present is better than screen sharing:

  • VRIFY Meetings uses a faster browser-based rendering approach to avoid lag and lower-quality visuals caused when screen sharing 3D models and 360° imagery over software like Zoom/Teams, etc.

  • VRIFY’s meeting interface hides presenter tools and eliminates distracting desktop notifications and unintended visuals, so participants only see the slide you’re speaking to. Present stress-free knowing that you won’t accidentally share private or sensitive information when screen sharing.

  • Use live annotations to emphasize and highlight your content.

You have two options:

  • Start an instant meeting without audio/video on VRIFY when your Zoom/Microsoft Teams/other meeting is about to start, and share the joining details in your video conference chat.

  • Pre-schedule a VRIFY meeting for the same date/time as your Zoom/Microsoft Teams/other meeting. *This option allows you to create joining details in advance if you wish to add to an existing calendar invite. Skip to instructions.

Start an instant meeting

1. When your Zoom/Microsoft Teams is ready to start, log in to your account and select Start a Meeting Now at Copy the joining info.

2. Share it with your meeting participants in the chat of your Zoom/Microsoft Teams meeting once the meeting has started.

3. Select the Deck you want to present and start your VRIFY meeting.

Schedule a meeting

Scheduling the meeting will create a unique meeting link that can be shared with participants in advance. You can add this link to an existing meeting invite scheduled with Zoom/Teams etc. Your audience will be able to see and hear you through the third party video conferencing platform of your choice, and follow along your VRIFY presentation in a web browser tab.

Before your meeting:

1. Log in to your account and select Schedule a Meeting at

2. Select Zoom/Teams/Other option, fill out the meeting details and Schedule.

3. Optional: Select the meeting you just scheduled, copy the joining info and insert into your existing calendar invite scheduled with Zoom/Teams etc. Otherwise, you can reference the joining info anytime and share once your meeting has started.

During your meeting:

4. You can share this same VRIFY meeting joining info with your meeting participants in the chat of your Zoom/Microsoft Teams meeting. You can access the joining info anytime by selecting the meeting you pre-scheduled at or the Meetings tab.

NOTE: You must be logged in to host or view your scheduled meetings.

5. Start your VRIFY meeting by selecting the relevant meeting listed under Upcoming in the Meetings tab and selecting Start Meeting or simply use the same joining link you provided to meeting participants.

Tips for virtual presentations and meetings with your VRIFY Deck:

  • Pre-load slides that contain your 3D model transitions and 360 degree imagery to avoid any downloading lag disruption mid-presentation. To do this, simply open the Deck and click through the slides just before you are ready to present/record. This prompts the 3D model or 360 imagery to download on your device.

  • If you are screen-sharing (Zoom) or screen-mirroring (to the presenter screen), ensure you have the correct Deck loaded before you begin screen sharing, and that you stop screen sharing before closing the Deck to avoid viewers seeing any private content under your company profile (remember that private content is only visible to company admins when logged in).

  • Share only the browser tab that contains the VRIFY Deck you’re using, and hide your bookmarks! This avoids your viewers seeing unrelated content that distracts (or detracts) from your presentation.

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