Share your screen in VRIFY Meetings

Learn how to easily share your screen while presenting in VRIFY Meetings.

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Sharing your screen in a VRIFY Meeting allows you to present your VRIFY Decks and navigate other screens on your device.

Follow the steps below to easily share your screen in VRIFY Meetings. Check out the Best Practices section below for tips on ensuring a smooth presentation while sharing your screen.

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Log in to

  2. Click on the Meetings tab at the top of the screen.

  3. Start your meeting:

    1. In the Upcoming section of the Meetings page, you can click the tile of a scheduled meeting.

    2. Or, click Audio / Video Meeting to start a meeting now using VRIFY's Video Conferencing

  4. Ensure that the Add Video Conferencing option is toggled ON:

  5. Once in the meeting, at the bottom of the screen, click the Share Screen icon:

  6. Select which window or tab you want to share, or share your entire screen.

  7. When you are successfully sharing your screen, the Share Screen icon will now display a small red x on it.

  8. To stop screen sharing, click the Share Screen icon again and your screen sharing will end immediately:

Best Practices

  • Pre-load slides that contain your 3D model transitions and 360 degree imagery to avoid any downloading lag disruption mid-presentation.

    • To do this, simply open the Deck and click through the slides just before you are ready to present/record. This prompts the 3D model or 360 imagery to download on your device.

  • Ensure you have the correct Deck loaded before you begin screen sharing.

    • You can also stop screen sharing before closing the Deck to avoid viewers seeing any other tabs or windows on your screen.

  • Share only the browser tab that contains the VRIFY Deck you’re using, and hide your bookmarks.

    • This avoids your viewers seeing unrelated content that distracts (or detracts) from your presentation.

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