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This Playbook covers the basics of VRIFY video, benefits, applications, and best practices.

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VRIFY Video is a powerful tool that can help you create engaging and immersive video content that brings life to your VRIFY Deck when you cannot speak to it in person. Think of it as one more way to gain exposure for your interactive 3D and 360 content and drive better investor understanding of your story and/or results through social media, your website, press releases, and email.

Intended Audience

Anyone with a VRIFY user account can create a VRIFY Video, but it will be particularly valuable for your company’s spokesperson(s), who is public-facing.


Engagement: Leveraging narrated video results in better engagement. Press releases that supplement text with video receive up to x9.7 the views as plain-text releases.

Deeper Context: With the option to narrate your video presentations, you ultimately drive the narrative. Providing greater context to the information you are trying to convey lets you stay in control of the story you need to tell. Not to mention that humans tend to remember 65% more information when shared with a combination of graphics and words.

Shareable and Customizable: The format allows you and your stakeholders to share videos across various platforms and with a range of audiences. You can create unlimited videos as part of your subscription, from a polished social media post to a custom video response to an investor response sent over email; the options are endless.

Efficiency: No need to juggle the recording features of Zoom or Quicktime while presenting a VRIFY Deck. Now you can present and record your VRIFY content all in one place.

Time Savings: Leveraging the VRIFY Video saves not only your audience's time but also protects yours. A quick 30-second overview of a project takes you no time at all to produce and allows your audience to absorb key information quickly.

High-Quality Production: Prerecorded presentations using VRIFY maintain the high-resolution 3D and 360° content quality. How? VRIFY Meetings use a faster browser-based rendering approach to help prevent lag and lower-quality visuals caused by the screen share features of video conference software like Zoom or Google Meet.

Use Cases

Social Media: Short video overviews of your VRIFY content can be a powerful marketing tool, as they allow you to showcase your projects in a compelling way. Videos also get more engagement than other types of content on social media as they capture people's attention and keep them engaged for extended periods compared to static images or text alone. A report by Meta shows that individuals spend 5x more time looking at a video than static content alone, and they spend 40% longer viewing 360 videos than standard videos.

Website Content: Embedded videos of your VRIFY content allow you to showcase projects in a more dynamic and engaging way than other types of content. Having a video of your VIRFY content positioned front and center on your website not only aids in understanding what you are about but also makes your website more visually appealing to potential investors looking at your website. In order to upload your pre-recorded presentations onto your website, the easiest way is to either upload your video to Youtube or Vimeo and then use their embed code. Check out more here:

Press Releases: Videos have the power to evoke emotions and connect with people on a deeper level, which is why they are extremely powerful when included in a press release. By leveraging a video overview of your VRIFY content in press releases, you get to set the tone for how the content will be interpreted and shine a spotlight on crucial information allowing you to secure a deep connection with your audience.

Conferences: Creating a teaser video of your content in preparation for a conference is a great way to let your audience know you will be in attendance. It also gives you the opportunity to highlight key areas of your content and encourage people to swing by your booth or preemptively set up a meeting with you at the event.

Learn more here: Conference Playbook

Pre-recorded Presentations: Leveraging prerecorded presentations can help ensure you deliver a polished and consistent message to stakeholders. Recording a presentation gives you the time to script your presentation in advance, rehearse it, and make any necessary edits to ensure that the content is clear, concise, and engaging.

Interviews: Participate in more dynamic interviews by showcasing your VRIFY content in conjunction with your interview. When being interviewed, showing visual examples of the content you are speaking on is far more engaging than just two people talking. Use VRIFY Video to present and record interviews with meaning.

Responding to investor/stakeholder questions: Replying to a technically complex question via email can be challenging and time-consuming. Creating a quick custom video explanation using the imagery of your VRIFY content not only allows you to answer questions faster and more easily but provides deeper contextualization to the person asking the questions.

Best Practices & Tips for VRIFY Video

  • Try creating short snippet videos of your Decks to post on social media. The max video length for a social media post should be no more than 60 seconds.

  • Make it easier to nail your video by building custom/condensed VRIFY decks to use specifically for social media videos. Remember, you have unlimited VRIFY decks and editing abilities at your disposal, so don’t be afraid to take advantage.

  • Try creating a complete video walkthrough of your VRIFY Deck that can be shared with prospective inventors after your initial meeting. That way, they have a polished copy of your presentation to review. The max video length for a prerecorded presentation should be around 20-30 minutes.

  • Plan your video content ahead of time to ensure it is focused and relevant.

  • Share your video across multiple channels, such as your company website or social media accounts, to increase its reach and impact.

  • In order to download or delete a recording, it will need to be done by the user who first created the video.

  • Add live annotations to your videos as you walk through your content. It allows people to follow along and showcase to the view that they are not watching a simple video but an incredibly powerful live presentation.

Technical Requirements

  • Active VRIFY Subscription / Log-In Info

  • VRIFY Meetings

  • Microphone (Optional)

  • Webcam (Optional)

Video Overview

Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Log into VRIFY.com

  2. Navigate to Meetings at the top of the screen.

  3. Click Live Share to start a meeting now.

  4. Toggle on Add Video Conferencing to enable your audio and camera.

    • If you just want audio, simply turn your video off. Even though you will see the greyed-out video box when recording, it will not appear in your finished product.

  5. Selected the Deck you want to present:

  6. Click Start Meeting.

  7. The meeting with default to your video. To change it to your Deck, click on the slide icon .

  8. Click the screen recording icon to Start Screen Recording and begin to record your video.

  9. Once you are done, click the recording button again, and your video will be emailed to you once processed.

    1. It will also be available on the Video Recordings page, accessed by the Admin tab.

  10. Check your email for the recording.

  11. Click on the Go to Recording button from your email

  12. A new page will open showing your recording. On this page, you can:

    1. Download

    2. Delete Recording

    3. Share

      1. Selecting Share will give you the option to directly share on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or via Email.

      2. You can also copy the direct link to your recording and share it directly with your end user.

For other options to record a video, check out this article.

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