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Maximizing exposure for your VRIFY content
LinkedIn Playbook: 10 Tips for Making an Impact on Social Media with Your VRIFY Content
LinkedIn Playbook: 10 Tips for Making an Impact on Social Media with Your VRIFY Content

Best practices for sharing your VRIFY content on LinkedIn

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There are two ingredients that go into making a strong marketing campaign; 1. tactful campaign execution, which drives the greatest number of views; and 2. content quality, which ensures the greatest number of conversions from those views.

VRIFY provides the quality content designed to convert investors, but campaign execution itself is what drives the total viewership. If no one sees it, the conversions will be low no matter how impactful the content is.

Let’s talk about best practices for executing a marketing campaign on LinkedIn to maximize the impact of sharing your VRIFY content:

1. Video is gold.

No matter the news, video content gets more engagement than other post types. On average, video posts on LinkedIn receive three times more engagement than their text-only counterparts. Next time you share an announcement, be sure to include a video of your VRIFY 3D Model and put a link to the content in the body text.

2. Upload video content directly.

There’s a small caveat to video sharing, which is that it needs to be uploaded directly to LinkedIn. Avoid using links from Youtube, Vimeo, or other video-hosting platforms in place of your video content. The LinkedIn algorithm will not prioritize these posts, as they send traffic to competing platforms.

3. Pick an eye-catching thumbnail.

Depending on where investors discover your post, the thumbnail is the first thing they will see before they click to watch your video. It is important you choose a thumbnail that grabs people’s attention and makes them want to learn more.

4. Lead with a strong hook.

Similar to a thumbnail, the first sentence of your LinkedIn post is one of the first things someone will see. Most of the body text won’t appear without the reader clicking the “see more” button. The first 10 words need to be engaging. Avoid dead language like, “On May 5th, 2022 we were pleased to…”

5. Track your results.

If you can’t track it, you can’t improve it. Ensure there’s a trackable call to action within your post. A simple way of doing this for a press release, for example, is to use a Bitly link to see information such as web traffic from the post.

6. Be original.

Re-sharing existing content on LinkedIn may seem like low-hanging fruit, but in actuality, this type of post far underperforms original content. To boost your chances of getting higher engagement, try creating original posts. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to come up with a brand new idea. In fact, you can create the exact same post. Just be sure to create it from scratch on your profile, rather than using the re-post option.

7. Personalize.

People connect with people, not companies. That’s why posts from personal accounts (ie. CEOs) get significantly more engagement than posts from company accounts. Even though you can’t leave your company profile empty, be sure to strategically incorporate personal accounts into your social media strategy.

8. Tag relevant companies and people.

In the body text of your posts, you should regularly be using an @ to tag all relevant parties. Here are some accounts that you should tag:

  • VRIFY. By tagging VRIFY, we will help amplify your results by leveraging our growing following of investors

  • Your company profile

  • Coworkers, peers, and partners

This way, anyone you tag will receive a notification about your post and have the opportunity to respond or re-share.

9. Use related hashtags.

Hashtags give your post the opportunity to show up in a feed of similar content. The hashtags that you use should be relevant to your post, but also not so commonly used that you’ll never show up as ‘trending’ within it. Here are some hashtags that you should consider including in your next post:

  • #Mining (highly recommended)

  • #MiningExploration

  • #MiningIndustry

  • #Minerals

  • #Gold

  • #Silver

  • #Copper

  • #Lithium

10. Post when your audience is online.

Once you’ve crafted the perfect post to share with your network, the final step is to choose when your content should go live. The specific date and time you choose to publish the content can have a dramatic impact on your engagement. On average, the best days of the week to post on LinkedIn are from Tuesday-Thursday, and the best times are earlier in the day. But remember to keep experimenting and find the best times that work for your specific audience.

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