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Maximizing exposure for your VRIFY content
Keeping your VRIFIED Company Profile up to date
Keeping your VRIFIED Company Profile up to date

Leverage your custom landing page to share your VRIFY content, news and company story with investors.

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Your VRIFIED Company Profile page is designed to streamline the way companies are discovered by investors on the VRIFY platform. Think of it as your custom landing page where investors can get an overview of your company's vision, performance and news, and access your interactive VRIFY content to dig a little deeper.

Now, investors can even ask questions and book meetings directly with your company management when you have these features turned on.

To use your VRIFIED Company Profile as one more access point for investors to reach you, see instructions for:

Step-by-Step Instructions

Use VRIFY Editor to update, optimize and manage your profile anytime by selecting the My Company tab in the side menu.

Note: Changes you make will automatically appear on the investor-facing page, and you can preview the page by simply clicking View as Investor.

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Select a Featured Deck

Ensure Investors are seeing your most relevant updates and results by choosing a featured VRIFY deck that will be displayed at the top of your company’s profile page.

To change your featured deck, hover over the Featured deck section and click Feature Existing Deck.

To select a deck as a featured deck, it first needs to be made public. Click here for more information on how to take your deck live.

If no deck is selected to be featured, the most recently created public deck will be displayed in this section by default.

Once the featured deck is selected, click Continue to save the update.

Updating Your Company Card (Biography, Logo and Website)

Your company card contains information such as your company biography, logo, and website URL. This is also where you have the option to display the ‘Ask a Question’ and ‘Book a Meeting’ buttons for your company.

To update your company card, click the arrow icon on the top right of the company card to expand the view. Hover your cursor over the company card to reveal the Edit button.

Clicking Edit will open the company card modal where you can edit or replace your image, biography and website. Click Update to save your changes.

Enabling and Disabling the Direct Q&A and Investor Meeting Booking Link Options

After completing the Investor Meeting Booking Link setup steps for the first time, an active Book a Meeting button will be added to your VRIFY Company Page and allow investors to book time directly in your calendar for 1-1 meetings.

Investor view on with Ask a Question and Book a Meeting enabled:

If you wish to hide these buttons on your company page, login to The Editor, and click the My Company tab from the left side menu. On the right side of the page, hover your cursor over the company card to activate the Edit button. Click Edit to make changes.

In the company card window, turn Ask a Question and Book a Meeting off and on using the toggle icons.

Click Update to save your changes.

Note: If you have your Investor Meeting Booking link active on any of your decks, either as a button in the side navigation bar and/or as a slide in your deck, these will remain active. If you wish to disable these as well, you will need to edit the decks where they appear. More on adding your Investor Meeting Booking link to decks.

Add Upcoming Events and Activity

Keep Investors informed on the latest meetings, conferences, investor days and other important events your company is attending or hosting.

To add a new event, click the + Add button in the Upcoming Activity section.

Fill in the form with the event name, and the date and time of your presentation. If you will be presenting a VRIFY deck, let your investors know by ticking the box for Presenting with VRIFY Deck.

Add to and Edit the Management & Directors Section

Add, remove and reorder your team’s headshots by hovering over the section and clicking Edit for the Management & Directors section.

To reorder the team, click and hold the dots to the left of the headshot, then drag and drop to the correct position.

Edit the name, title and photo by clicking the Edit option. Delete the profile entirely by clicking the delete button.

To save your changes, click Done.

Edit and Add Assets

Assets that are linked to public decks appear on your investor-facing company page as VRIFIED Assets, with associated public decks appearing underneath. You can edit the asset details and decks in The Editor.

Investor view on

To edit the asset information and associated decks, scroll down to the asset section to find the asset you’d like to update, and click Edit.

On the next page, edit and fill in the form details to accurately reflect key information about your asset.

To associate a deck with an asset, select from the available deck options below. Note: the deck will need to be public in order to be associated with the asset. Assets that are not linked to any decks will appear under the Other Assets section.

Once all asset details are correct, click Update to save your changes.

You can also link decks and assets from the Edit Deck window. This is found by clicking the Decks tab on the left sidebar menu, then the three dots under the Actions column to open the dropdown menu. Click Edit to proceed to the next step.

In the Edit Deck window, select which assets your deck relates to. Click Update to save your changes.

This deck will now appear on your VRIFIED Company Profile next to its associated asset.

To reorder the assets as they appear on your investor-facing company page, scroll down to the VRIFIED Assets section.

Hover your cursor over the asset to reveal the Reorder button, and click to proceed to the next step.

In the reorder window, click and hold the dots to the left of the asset name and drag it to the position you want it to appear on your company page. Click Done to save your changes.

Add Press Releases and Announcements

VRIFY uses a data feed tool to populate your company page with the latest press releases shared on the wire. You can also manually add press releases by hovering over the Press Releases section and clicking the + Add button.

Enter the title and date of your press release. Then enter and format the press release content into the provided content field.

When you’re ready to go live with your press release, change the Access Permission to Public. Click Create to save your changes.

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