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Hosting and scheduling VRIFY Meetings
Allow investors to book meetings directly into your calendar
Allow investors to book meetings directly into your calendar

Sync your calendar and enable the direct meeting booking option on VRIFY to allow investors to easily book meetings with you.

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Sync your calendar with VRIFY Meetings to enable investors to book meetings directly into your calendar based on your availability and preferences.

Once synched, investors will be able to book meetings only during times that are available on your calendar that fall within the preferred time windows you've pre-selected. VRIFY Meetings will automatically generate calendar invites for you and your meeting participants when a new meeting is booked.

If you have already synced your calendar and want to edit your settings, follow the steps in the Managing settings for direct investor meeting booking article, or follow the steps and edit settings like your time zone, preferred meeting duration, and set your availability from steps 3 and 4.

Step-by-step Instructions

There are 4 quick, one-time steps to take to allow investors to book meetings with you:

Enable allowing investors to book a meeting with you

  1. Log in to

  2. Click the Meetings tab at the top of the page.

  3. On the bottom right of your screen, click Let Investors Book a Meeting With You.

  4. Click Turn on feature if not already enabled:

  5. Next, click Edit Settings.

  6. Select the meeting durations you want investors to be able to book (15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes). You can chose one or multiple durations.

  7. Select your video conference preferences.

    1. We recommend keeping the default option selected to Use VRIFY’s video conferencing for meetings. VRIFY Meetings use a faster browser-based rendering approach to avoid lag and lower-quality visuals caused when screen sharing 3D models and 360° imagery over software like Zoom or Teams.

    2. If you need to use a third party video conferencing tool, deselect the box, then once any future meetings are booked, manually provide a link to your preferred conference tool.

  8. Click Next and continue the steps below to sync your calendar.

Sync your calendar

After allowing investors to book a meeting with you, sync your calendar with VRIFY meetings to ensure investors can only book times you have available on your calendar. Investors will not be able to see your calendar details; they will only see open time slots.

  1. After following the steps above to let investors book a meeting with you, you will be prompted to sync your calendar with VRIFY meetings.

  2. Click on an email provider from the list.

    1. If you choose a Microsoft-owned calendar provider and receive a login error, refer to these troubleshooting steps in the Notes section below.

  3. Log in to your preferred email from the provider selected.

  4. Click Next to continue steps to set your preferred availability.

Set your availability

Make sure your VRIFY Meetings availability is accurate. By default, the availability for meetings is set to Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.

  1. Select the timezone your synced calendar is set to.

  2. Select the timeslots you want to show as available for investors to book meetings during.

    1. Both your synced calendar and your available hours will be accounted for when determining your overall availability.

  3. Once you've set your availability, click Save new rules.

Share your personal meeting booking link

  1. Access and share your personal meeting booking link by copying the link provided in the final step:

  2. You can also choose to Add to VRIFY Decks or add to Your VRIFY Company Page

    1. For more information on how to add a Meeting Slide to your deck, check out the Create and Edit Meeting Slides in Editor 2.0 article.

    2. For more information on how to manage whether your booking link is available on your Company Page, check out the Keeping your Company Profile up to date article.


  • Outlook calendar provider users please note: If after choosing you receive a login error when trying to sync your calendar, please go back to the previous page, select Office 365, and try logging in with that provider. The distinction between the Outlook, Office 365, and Exchange is not very clear, and it's possible you're using a different provider within the Microsoft suite.

  • VRIFY uses Cronofy, which is a safe and trusted calendar company that allows VRIFY to synchronize your VRIFY Meetings with your calendar service of choice. For more information on Cronofy and the tool's security features, click here.

  • Completing these steps automatically generates and displays your booking link on your VRIFY Company Profile. If this is not preferred, you can disable the booking link on your VRIFY company profile.

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