What is a 3D Model?

Learn about what a 3D Model is and how to manage them.

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3D models offer a powerful means to guide investors digitally through your projects. These models are built using the site data you provide and serve as the foundation for creating scenes within your VRIFY Decks.

During your onboarding phase, VRIFY's Implementation Team will collaborate with you to gather the necessary data for constructing your 3D models. Together, we'll craft these models to seamlessly integrate into your interactive presentation Decks.

What is a 3D Model?

3D Models digitally visualize and highlight areas of your projects, such as drill results, infrastructure, and cross-sections of the drill site as a whole, for example.

3D Models are then used to create impactful VRIFY presentation Decks. 3D Models are used to create Scenes, which leverage critical aspects of your 3D models to allow for seamless presentations. Scenes allow for a much smoother presentation experience when all you have to do is press ‘next slide’ to show a different view (Scene) to your investors.

Learn more about creating and editing Scenes from your 3D Model through this article.

How do I get my 3D Models updated?

Reach out to your CSM and they will help you through the process to update them.

How long do updates take?

At VRIFY, we prioritize prompt updates. Our standard turnaround time for regular updates is a maximum of 10 business days, usually less, depending on the size of the update.

However, in special circumstances, we have been known to implement updates with as little as 48 hours' notice. For drill result press releases, we aim for a 5-day notice period, with data delivery within 48 hours. Nonetheless, we've executed with a 24-hour notice under special circumstances.

Rest assured that whether you require a standard update or find yourself in a time-sensitive scenario, VRIFY is prepared to deliver exceptional service with precision and efficiency.

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