What is a 360° Image?

Learn about what 360° Images are and how to manage them.

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360° Images are an impactful way to visually guide investors through your site and its surrounding landscape. They are comprised of a series of photographic shots that the VRIFY Production Team stitches together to make a seamless 360° photo of your site.

During your onboarding phase, the Production Team will help coordinate obtaining the photography of your site. Your 360° Images are then delivered to you through your VRIFY account to use in your interactive Decks.

What is a 360° Image?

360° Images are photographs that allow you to visually guide investors through your site with ease. They are made of a series of photographs from various angles of your site, ranging from close-ups to wide-view drone angles.

Within your VRIFY Decks, you can create 360° Slides with Hotspots on the 360° Imagery, which are clickable points of a 360° Slide in your project where you can be guided through more company content. Hotspots can be in the form of a location point, a PDF, an image, a 3D model, information text, a video, or another 360º site within your project.

See the Related Articles section to learn more about creating and editing 360° Slides and Hotspots.

How do I get my 360° Images updated?

Reach out to your CSM and they will help you through the process to update them.

How long do updates take?

At VRIFY, we prioritize prompt updates. Our standard turnaround time for regular updates is a maximum of 10 business days, usually less, depending on the size of the update.

However, in special circumstances, we have been known to implement updates with as little as 48 hours' notice. For drill result press releases, we aim for a 5-day notice period, with data delivery within 48 hours. Nonetheless, we've executed with a 24-hour notice under special circumstances.

Rest assured that whether you require a standard update or find yourself in a time-sensitive scenario, VRIFY is prepared to deliver exceptional service with precision and efficiency.

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