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Edit 3D Slides in Deck Editor

Learn how to edit 3D Slides in your decks.

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Edit 3D Slides and the layers of a 3D Model directly within the deck you are updating.

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Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Log in to

  2. Click Admin from the top menu.

  3. Click on the deck you want to edit a 3D Model Slide in.

  4. Click on the thumbnail of the 3D slide that needs to be updated.

  5. Hover your cursor over the model viewer area.

  6. On the top right corner of the slide, click the Edit Slide button.

    1. You will see a list of 3D layers available to you on the right hand side of your screen called the 3D layers list.

    2. See the Notes section for tips and best practices for editing 3D Slides.

  7. Select the layers you want to Show/Hide by clicking the corresponding eye icon. The model viewer will reflect the selected or deselected layers.

    1. The grey eye icon with a slash through it indicates the layer will be hidden.

    2. The white eye icon with no slash through it indicates the layer will be shown.

  8. Click Save to update the slide.

    1. Alternatively, you can click Save As to save a new copy of the 3D Slide.


Best practices for editing a 3D Slide

  • To help identify the layers available to show, you can hover over the 3D layers in your layer list and you will see a transparent blue representation of that layer in the preview area.

  • To hide a 3D layer directly through the model viewer, right click on any 3D object you see and you’ll be able to see a context menu where you can click Hide.

  • To make multiple 3D layers visible/hidden at one time, you can select multiple 3D layers in your layers list by holding on Shift or Ctrl/Command on your keyboard, then right click to hide/show multiple layers at once. You can also click on any eye icon, and click and drag downwards to hide/show layers quickly in a sequence.

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