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What is the VRIFY Partner Network?

The VRIFY partner program aims to connect mining companies with the right investors and promote transparent and effective communications through technology. The program will leverage mining and investment community platforms to help propel the industry forward.

These community platforms will gain access to VRIFY’s public interactive 3D and 360° presentations to better equip mining companies and investors with powerful visual context.

Learn more about the VRIFY Partner Program Here: Partner Network FAQ

Who is 6ix?

6ix is open-sourcing its world-class investor relations events platform to the junior mining community. In reducing the price of hosting a virtual event to $0 so that you can proactively identify and target investors that want to buy shares in your company.

Trusted by more than 300 public companies in the metals & mining space, 6ix has hosted more than 1,000 virtual events, networking more than 100,000 investors with companies in the junior mining sector.

How do I benefit from VRIFY and 6ix Partnering?

You share your VRIFY presentation on 6ix.com by presenting it during your live event, as well as embedding it onto your company page on 6ix.com. A public VRIFY deck will now be made available directly alongside the information they offer investors about your company and projects, increasing visibility to your content and providing investors with the contextual information needed to make more informed decisions.

This partnership is just another avenue for you to gain maximum exposure to your VRIFY content by qualified parties interested in your project when it matters most.

How do I sign up for 6ix?

Not yet signed up for 6ix? Register your company on 6ix or book a 6ix demo here.

How much additional traffic will 6ix drive to my VRIFY content?

Share your VRIFY presentation on 6ix.com by presenting it during your live event, as well as embedding it onto your company page on 6ix.com. As shown in the graphic, high engagement metrics across 6ix sites will increase the number of potential investors viewing your VRIFY decks and get a deeper understanding of your projects.

How can I amplify my company with 6ix?

6ix is more than just events. Use their AI tools - ai.6ix.com - to create press releases and (coming soon!) to even identify potential drill targets! And their Ads Platform - ads.6ix.com - is an effective way to broadcast your press releases and promote your events so that more investors become aware of your activities!

How can I change the VRIFY deck featured on my 6ix company profile?

VRIFY + 6ix Clients:

If would like to update or change the VRIFY deck showcased on your 6ix company profile, please follow the steps outlined here: Swapping the VRIFY Deck Embedded on Your Website

VRIFY Only Clients:

If you are not a 6ix client and would like to update the VRIFY deck showcased on 6ix, please reach out to partnernetwork@vrify.com for additional support.

How do I opt out of having my VRIFY content on 6ix?

If you would like to opt out of having your VRIFY content featured on 6ix, please contact your VRIFY CSM or email partnernetwork@vrify.com

Who should I reach out to for additional information?

For additional information on the VRIFY Partner Network, please contact: partnernetwork@vrify.com

For additional information on 6ix, please contact: CEO of 6ix, Daniel Barankin: daniel@6ix.com or CRO of 6ix, Bianca Pisciola: bianca@6ix.com

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Still Have Questions?

Reach out to your CSM or email Support@VRIFY.com for more information.

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