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The VRIFY Partner Network Frequently Asked Questions

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What is VRIFY Partner Network?

VRIFY is thrilled to be able to bring together leading mining investment research platforms to help amplify your VRIFY content to investors.

The VRIFY partner program aims to connect mining companies with the right investors and promote transparent and effective communications through technology. The program will leverage mining and investment community platforms to help propel the industry forward.

These community platforms will gain access to VRIFY’s public interactive 3D and 360° presentations to better equip mining companies and investors with powerful visual context.

By combining forces with industry-vetted and established communities such as Junior Mining Hub, Prospector Portal, and 6ix, (with more to come!) VRIFY will help to accelerate and streamline the investment process.

Below is an example of how an embedded VRIFY deck will appear on your company profile within our partner's company profile page.

How does it work?

VRIFY's Partners will have your VRIFY 3D models and 360° virtual site tours embedded directly within the information they offer investors about companies and projects, collectively adding tens of thousands of potential investors and website hits to your projects.

Your most recent/up-to-date & relevant content will be showcased. However, if you are needed to swap out featured content, you can do so at any time in VRIFY Editor using our embed feature.

Important: Only content that is public and visible on company profiles on will be featured on partner sites.

Who is interacting with my content?

We’re working on adding analytics tracking to VRIFY!

In the meantime, talk to your Customer Success Manager, who can work their magic behind the scenes to pull a report.

Is there a cost to have my VRIFY content featured?

If you’re a VRIFY client, your content will be featured for no additional charge on Junior Mining Hub and 6ix.

For Prospector Portal, you will need to have a premium profile to have your VRIFY content featured. However, all VRIFY clients receive a 10% discount should they choose to upgrade.

Can I opt out?

Of course! Just let your Customer Success Manager know or send an email to and we’ll remove your content. You can add it back anytime if you change your mind.

How can I become a VRIFY Partner?

Great question! We are always on the hunt for new and amazing partners that can help amplify our client's content and VRIFY's interactive 3D and 360° content. If you are interested in joining our network, please reach out to

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Still have questions?

Reach out to your CSM or email for more information.

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