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Mining Hub Partnership FAQs
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What is the VRIFY Partner Network?

The VRIFY Network aims to connect mining companies with the right investors and promote transparent and effective communications through technology. The program will leverage mining and investment community platforms to help propel the industry forward.

These community platforms will gain access to VRIFY’s public interactive 3D and 360° presentations to better equip mining companies and investors with powerful visual context.

Learn more about the VRIFY Partner Network Here: Partner Network FAQ

Who is Mining Hub?

Mining Hub (MH) is a rapidly growing open-access platform designed to drive awareness to mining companies and their projects. It highlights industry catalyst events (press releases tied to projects) and activities throughout the expansive mining sector.

MH provides a pertinent stage with spatial context that enables companies to effectively guide their narrative to a greater audience and utilize existing content. This is achieved both organically through market catalysts in their jurisdiction as well as directly through powerful filtering and sharing capabilities designed to amplify awareness.

MH’s mission is to advance transparency in mining and to drive organic discovery to your projects, furthering investor interest in your company.

Company representatives are granted access to their company’s profile and may add/edit their projects to the system in real-time!

How do I benefit from VRIFY and Mining Hub Partnering?

Existing VRIFY clients receive unique benefits and discounts when subscribing to Mining Hub. Your welcome offer includes your first VRIFY deck embedded on your company profile free of charge!

This partnership is just another avenue for you to gain maximum exposure to your VRIFY content by qualified parties interested in your project when it matters most.

How do I sign up for Mining Hub?

Not yet signed up for Mining Hub? Register your company on MH free of charge or book an introductory meeting here.

How much additional traffic will Mining Hub drive to my VRIFY content?

Mining Hub receives over 5,300+ quality unique site visitors each month. Simply put, that is 5,300 more potential investors viewing your VRIFY deck to gain a deeper understanding of your projects - seems like a no-brainer!

How can I amplify my Mining Hub company profile?

Mining Hub has made it easier than ever for you to share your company profile on social media with their Custom URL Image Creator.

This feature allows you to share a visually appealing map that invites audiences to view a specific location on Mining Hubs' interactive map, allowing you to call attention to your projects. Below is an overview of how you can leverage this feature:

How can I change the VRIFY deck featured on my Mining Hub company profile?

VRIFY + Mining Hub Clients:

If would like to update or change the VRIFY deck showcased on your Mining Hub company profile, please follow the steps outlines here: Swapping the VRIFY Deck Embedded on Your Website

If you would like to add additional VRIFY decks to your JHM company profile please reach out to for additional support.

VRIFY Only Clients:

If you are not a MH client and would like to update the VRIFY deck showcased on MH, please reach out to for additional support.

How can I stay up to date on the latest news and activities within the mining sector?

Make sure you subscribe to Mining Hub’s newsletter to stay up to date on the latest news and activities within the mining sector.

How do I opt out of having my VRIFY content on Mining Hub?

If you would like to opt out of having your VRIFY content featured on Mining Hub, please contact your VRIFY CSM or email

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Who should I reach out to for additional information?

For additional information on the VRIFY Partner Network, please contact:

For additional information on Mining Hub, please contact:

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