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This Playbook covers the basics of VRIFY’s animated embeds feature for web content, the benefits, the applications, and best practices.

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VRIFY’s animated embeds are a powerful feature designed to capture the attention of potential investors looking at your website or press release by providing a brief, compelling animation that previews what the investor will see in your VRIFY Deck.

Using VRIFY’s embeds, make the interactive content of your VRIFY Deck immediately visible to ensure your target audience knows this isn't just another PDF. In addition, the eye-catching format is designed to capture attention and prevent visitors from scrolling past quickly.

Intended Audience

Anyone with a VRIFY user account can generate the code to embed your VRIFY content onto a website page (s)or press releases. Then this code and our branding guidelines can be shared with whoever manages your website (i.e. your web developer).


  • Increase Engagement: According to Time Magazine, 55% of people spend fewer than 15 seconds actively viewing an email or website, which means you only have 15 seconds to grab their attention. A well-placed animated preview is critical to focusing visitors' attention and letting them know they can engage with your content.

  • Prompting Action: An animated preview of your project is not only an effective way to showcase your interactive VRIFY content, but the embed format also incorporates calls to action (CTAs) which prompt visitors to interact with it, increasing the likelihood of them spending time within your entire deck and leaving with a better understanding of your company’s story.

  • Making a Memorable Impression: Your 3D models and 360° imagery has the potential to leave a solid and memorable impression on the viewer and enhance the experience of anyone viewing your website or press releases. This helps you stand out from your peers and increases the likelihood that potential investors will remember your company and specific projects among all the others they see.

  • Deeper Understanding of Your Projects: Due to the nature of our online world, humans have dramatically increased the amount of information they absorb. By some estimates, the average person is inundated with information equivalent to reading 147 newspapers daily. Therefore, accompanying a website or press release with an animated video preview leverages the brain’s most dominant capacity, visual processing, which allows information to be understood and absorbed x60,000 faster than text alone, making your complex projects easier to understand.

  • Captivate Your Audience: In order to most effectively present your VRIFY content and remove distractions for the user, the VRIFY animated embed will open your VRIFY Deck in a new window or tab for the user. Doing this, it ensures the user will be able to view the largest version of your 3D model and 360° content. Distractions such as other items from the web page and unnecessary navigation are removed to hold best the attention of the user, similar to the way marketing landing pages hold prospective customers in a focused experience.

Use Cases

Website Content

Embedding animated previews of your VRIFY content on your website is more dynamic and engaging for the viewers. The more front and centre on your website your content is embedded, the more eyes you’ll get. Compared to other types of 2D content, VRIFYS’s embeds let website visitors know that this is not just another PDF but something you can engage with on your site. We see the best results from content embedded on companies' homepages, where it is easily discovered.

See below for some examples of companies leveraging the animated embeds on their website:

Press Releases

In the mining industry, we often see press releases that are comprised of only blocks of text. Whether you are an industry expert or not, interpreting the complex technical data in these press releases with text alone can make it difficult to understand. This is why accompanying press releases with an animated preview of your VRIFY content aids in both understanding and engagement.

We recommend embedding your VRIFY previews directly within the version of the press release hosted on your company website to gain the most exposure to your VRIFY content.

Additionally, press releases represent a critical point for communication with investors. With VRIFY’s Direct Q&A and Investor Meeting Booking, investors have a simple and efficient way to communicate with your team about your announcement directly within your press release; this allows for direct feedback, which you often don’t get with text-based press releases alone.

Press Release Example:

See below for some examples of companies already leveraging the animated embeds in press releases:

Technical Requirements

  • Active VRIFY Subscription / Log-In Info

Step-by-Step Instructions

Embedding a Deck

  1. Log in to VRIFY

  2. Click on Admin, located in the top navigation bar

  3. Click on Embeds from the left-hand sidebar

  4. Click +New Embed on the top right corner of the embeds page

  5. Indicate where you will be embedding the content under Embed Location

    • Identifying where all your embeds will be located is important to help you manage embedded website content going forward.

  6. Select the Deck you would like to embed

  7. Select a starting slide for your animation

  8. Select an ending slide for your animation

    • You will be able to preview your selection to decide what looks the most visually compelling.

  9. Click Create Embed button on the bottom right

  10. Copy the embed code

  11. Provide the embed code to your web developer.

Updating Legacy (non-animated) Embeds to Animated Embeds

  1. Login to

  2. Click on Admin, located in the top navigation bar.

  3. Click on Embeds from the left-hand sidebar.

  4. Click the 3 dots on the far right-hand side of Deck you want to update, and an action menu will appear.

  5. Click Switch to Animated in the action menu that appears:

  6. You will be prompted to choose the starting slide and ending slide that will be used in the animation.

    1. You can preview your selection while you decide what looks most visually engaging.

  7. Click the Update Embed button on the bottom right.

  8. Refresh the webpage using the embed code, and your content will be updated accordingly.

Branding Guidelines:

Scenario 1: If you have limited vertical & horizontal space on your website, please follow the minimum height and width requirements below:

Scenario 2: If you have limited vertical space on your website but have some horizontal room to spare, please follow the minimum height and width requirements below:

Best Practices & Tips:

  • You cannot create an animated version if your VRIFY Deck does not have at least one 360 slide or two 3D slides. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager for support if needed.

  • Include slide captions on your embedded Deck so investors can take away key points without your live pitch.

  • Ensure you are swapping out your embedded content with the most relevant deck(s) for up-to-date information and results. You can do this in a few clicks in Editor, so it does not require updating any code on your website.

  • Your animated embed graphic should reflect the most updated version of your 3D model or 360° imagery so that your embedded decks showcase the most up-to-date content.

    • If you need to request a 3D update, contact your Customer Success Manager, who can help start the process.

      • Allow for 5 business days from receipt of files for minor updates.

      • Allow for 10 business days for more comprehensive updates.

  • Enable VRIFY’s Direct Q&A feature to allow you to receive direct investor questions and feedback on your VRIFY Decks.

  • Allow investors to book a meeting with you directly while viewing your VRIFY Deck by syncing your calendar with VRIFY meetings.

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