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Add a new Hotspot to 360° imagery in Editor 2.0
Add a new Hotspot to 360° imagery in Editor 2.0

Learn how to add Hotspots in your VRIFY content 360° imagery.

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A Hotspot is a clickable point in your project where you can be guided through more company content. Hotspots can be in the form of a location point, a PDF, an image, a 3D model, information text, a video, or another 360º site within your project.

Follow the steps below to learn how to create a new Hotspot in your 360º site.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Create a Hotspot

  1. Log in to

  2. Click the Editor tab at the top of the page.

  3. From the left navigation panel, click Projects.

  4. Click on the listed Project that you would like to edit.

  5. Click the 360º site you would like to add the Hotspot to.

  6. On the top right of the screen, click Add a hotspot:

  1. From here, select the Hotspot Type you would like to create:

  2. Add a Title for your new Hotspot.

  3. Choose your preferred permission Status (Public or Private).

    1. Tip: choose Private if you are still working on a draft that's intended to be public, then switch it to Public once it's finalized.

  4. Fill in other fields as prompted based on the Hotspot Type you selected.

  5. Click Create.

Once you click Create you will need to place your hotspot on your 360º view.

Place the hotspot

  1. To place your hotspot, click and drag your Hotspot in the content window to your desired location:

  2. Preview your changes by clicking Preview below the content window. This is a screenshot of the preview screen in this example site:

  3. Optional: when previewing, click on the Hotspot to view all information associated with the Hotspot. The information that pops up will depend on what type of Hotspot was selected (this example is an Info Hotspot, but if a PDF Hotspot is created, the PDF will pop up, if an Image Hotspot, the image would pop up, etc).

  4. Once you are happy with your Hotspot placement, the updates will be automatically saved. You are done!


  • In the content window, private Hotspots will be displayed with their name in yellow, whereas public Hotspots will be displayed as white.

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