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Making an impact at conferences with VRIFY
Showcase Your VRIFY Content at Your Conference Booth
Showcase Your VRIFY Content at Your Conference Booth

Stand out from the crowd by using the autoplay feature to display looping video of your deck.

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In a busy exhibition setting, it can be challenging to stand out from the dozens or hundreds of other booths on the trade show floor.

With an iPad and a TV screen, you can display a looping video of your 3D and 360 content. The loop can be stopped anytime by touching anywhere on your iPad screen, allowing you to pause to answer questions and offer your booth visitors a tailored walkthrough of your deck.

Here's how it works:

  • Ensure the VRIFY app is updated to the latest version

  • Connect your iPad to the booth TV

    • You will need an HDMI Cable connected to the TV

    • Attach a HDMI dongle compatible with your iPad (USB-C or Lightning) to the free end of the HDMI

    • Plug the HDMI and dongle into your iPad

    • Your iPad screen should now appear on the TV! Note: You may need to use the controls on the TV to ensure the HDMI video input is selected

  • On your iPad, open the deck you'd like to display

  • Click the play icon in the bottom-right corner of the iPad screen

Clicking the play icon will enter the deck into autoplay mode, and begin looping your video, advancing the slide every 5 seconds.

The menu and all other host controls will disappear from the screen so only your content is displayed.

Simply tap the iPad screen to stop autoplay at anytime.

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