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Edit a Hotspot in 360° imagery in Deck Editor
Edit a Hotspot in 360° imagery in Deck Editor

Learn how to edit existing hotspots in your 360° imagery like set an initial view, edit content, and delete hotspots.

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A Hotspot is a clickable point in your project where you can be guided through more company content. Hotspots can be in the form of a location point, a PDF, an image, a 3D model, information text, a video, or another 360º site within your project.

Once a Hotspot is added, it can be easily updated by following the steps below.

For steps on how to add a new Hotspot, check out the Add a new Hotspot to 360° imagery article.

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Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Log in to

  2. Click the Admin tab at the top of the page.

  3. From the left navigation panel, click Projects.

  4. Click on the listed Project that you would like to edit.

  5. Click the 360º site you would like to add the Hotspot to.

  6. In the content window, click on the Hotspot you want to edit, and a dropdown menu will give you the options to Edit or Delete the Hotspot:

    1. Alternatively, below the content window, you can find the Hotspot in the list view. Once you have found the Hotspot you would like to edit within the list, click on the '...' and then click Edit or Delete:

  7. If you choose to Edit, a pop-up will appear where you can edit the information for the Hotspot. Edit as needed, then click Update.

  8. If you choose to Delete, click Confirm in the pop-up that appears to permanently delete the Hotspot.

If you need to create a new Hotspot, follow the detailed steps in the Add a new Hotspot to 360° imagery article.

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