Create Image Slides in Deck Editor

Learn how to create Image Slides in your decks.

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Create new Image Slides by uploading them from your computer or from slides previously uploaded to VRIFY.

Video Overview

Create an Image Slide by uploading image from computer

Create an Image Slide by using a previously uploaded image

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Log in to

  2. Click Admin from the top menu.

  3. Click on the deck you want to add the Image Slide to.

  4. On the top left of the screen, click Create Slide.

  5. Select Image Slide.

  6. Choose where you want to add your Image Slide from:

    1. Upload Image from your computer.

    2. Choose from a previously uploaded image that has already been added to VRIFY.

  7. Select the media file you’d like to add as a slide.

  8. Type in a Slide Title and Caption.

  9. Click Create to add the Image slide to your deck.


  • Check the order your Image Slide was inserted into your deck and rearrange the order as needed by clicking and dragging the slide within the sidebar of your deck.

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