Pre-recorded Presentations

Tips for recording of your VRIFY presentation in advance of a conference or event.

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NOTE: The below instructions are general advice and tips. Please introduce your Customer Success Manager to your conference contact and they would be happy to confirm technical set-up requirements on your behalf prior to the event.

For Pre-recorded Presentations

If you're attending a conference virtually, you may be asked to submit a pre-recorded video walkthrough of your company's presentation in advance of the event.

To record using Zoom, you will need to enable “record settings” on your Zoom

account. Pictured here are the recording settings to follow.

You have two options for screen sharing your VRIFY content over Zoom:

1. If you have an iPad: Launch a non-video VRIFY Meeting on your iPad and screen share/record the participant view from a web browser (this allows you to hide presenter navigation features like the Deck sidebar and annotation selector for a cleaner view of your Deck). Watch our video walkthrough here:

2. Without an iPad: Load your VRIFY Deck on a web browser and screen share/record your web browser.

Upon completion of your recording, you will receive an email from Zoom when the file is ready for download. Upload this file as requested by the conference organizers.

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